Best Automatic Cat Feeders

Take The Stress Away From Mealtimes—Here Are The Best Automatic Cat Feeders In The Market!

We understand the stress of mealtimes for cats. Especially in a household that has multiple pets, and all of them have a tendency to steal each other’s food, mealtimes are nothing short of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Well, to take all the stress away from mealtimes and give you the upper hand, we have gathered here a list of automatic cat feeders that make mealtimes easier, efficient, and even fun—trust us, that can happen!

PetSafe Automatic Cat Feeder


First, we have the PetSafe automatic cat feeder that lets you program your mealtime to up to twelve meals for your cat(s).

The automatic feeder allows you to schedule 1/8 cup of 4 cups of cat food or even use the slow-feed option to prevent stomach cramps for fast eaters.

Moreover, the feeder prevents snarky food stealers from getting their paws on food by keeping it safe in a clear dispenser. Additionally, the clear dispenser has another benefit—it lets you see when you need a refill.

The automatic feeder is made up of BPA-free components and comes with a stainless steel bowl. You can also clean it super-fast by putting it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Pros of the PetSafe automatic feeder

·         Allows programmable feeding

·         Options for slow-feeding

·         Prevents your cat from stealing food

·         Very easy to clean

Cons of the automatic feeder

·         The feeder runs on four D-cell alkaline batteries that are not included in the package.

You can avail of this PetSafe automatic cat feeder in the US from Amazon.

SureFeed Pet Feeder With Microchip


If your household is full of pets that do not respect each other’s mealtimes, this is the perfect device for you to sort the great battle that is mealtime!

The SureFeed Microchip Feeder utilizes your pet’s microchip ID or RFID collar tag to only open the lid for the specific pet and close when the pet is done eating. This device makes feeding so much easier and prevents pets from stealing each other’s foods.

Moreover, this feeder is suitable for pets on prescription diets—it can hold up to 13 fl. oz. and keeps the food fresh with its neoprene lip seal.

The feeder works well with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA), and 15 (FDXB) digit numbers for the microchip.

Pros of the Automatic Feeder

·         Sorts out mealtimes for multiple pets in the house

·         Neoprene lip seal keeps food fresh

·         Suitable for cats that are on prescription diets

Cons of the Automatic Feeder

·         We couldn’t find any!

You can purchase the SureFeed automatic pet feeder on Amazon.

PetSafe Digital Clock Automatic Cat Feeder


The PetSafe digital clock automatic cat feeder allows you to personalize your cat’s meals with one-hour increments. This automatic feeder is best for small and medium-sized kitties.

You can schedule five meals a day for your cat and keep portions small to prevent weight gain and upset stomach.

Moreover, this cat feeder is very easy to clean and has a non-BPA plastic food tray.

Pros of the automatic feeder

·         Personalize meals for your cat

·         Schedule up to five meals a day

·         Good for portion-controlling

·         Perfect for smaller cats

·         Very easy to clean

Cons of the automatic feeder

·         Batteries not included

You can avail of the PetSafe Digital Clock Automatic Cat Feeder on Amazon.


Meal-times can be very stressful when you have a busy life or have multiple pets. In this article, we enlisted three wonderful automatic cat feeders that are guaranteed to make feeding your cat(s) less-stressful and even fun.

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