Top 3 Rabbit Foods

The Top 3 Rabbit Foods Your Bunny Will Absolutely Love!

As a rabbit owner, you must be aware of the importance of pellets you feed your bunny. They provide the essential fibre, nutrients, and protein necessary for your bunny’s wellbeing that may not be available in their natural diet.

While you’re at the grocery store to get your bunny’s food, you must do a survey of the ingredients used in the pellets. This allows you to know what you’re feeding your rabbit and make dietary changes easy.

This article enlists the ingredients you should be searching for when buying rabbit food, along with our top three rabbit foods in the market. So, let’s jump right in!

Essential Ingredients You Should Look For In Pellets

Here are a few essential ingredients you need to look for in rabbit food:


Fiber is one of the key ingredients you need to look for in rabbit food. It keeps your bunny’s digestive tract happy and working. If your rabbit is disabled, fiber is something you need to ensure is in your rabbit’s diet.

As disabled rabbits have limited movements, they lack the tissue to promote movement in their intestines, leading to obstruction.

Therefore, make sure that there is at least 20-25% fiber in the rabbit food you’re buying.


Your bunny needs a moderate amount of protein in their diet.

Make sure the pellets you’re getting have 12-14% protein in them. In case your rabbit is below five months of age, considering getting as much as 16% protein in their pellets. This promotes the growth of both their bodies and fur.


There should be limited amounts of fat in your rabbit’s diet. Search for pellets that have 1-1.5% fat in them.


Calcium is another ingredient that should be limited in your bunny’s diet. Look for rabbit food that has no more than 1% of calcium in it. Moreover, if your bunny has bladder, kidney, or mud problems, limit calcium to about 0.5%.

The Top 3 Rabbit Foods In The Market

Now, we enlist the top three rabbit foods available in the market that offer nutrition and energy for your bunny.

1. Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets

This product had to be our first pick! It is healthy, fresh, authentic, and a delicious treat for your rabbit.

The Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets is high-fiber and is packed with all the essential minerals and vitamins your rabbit needs. What’s interesting is that it is milled in small batches and exclusively shipped online to ensure the product’s freshness. Freshness in the rabbit’s food is essential to maintain their vitality and health.

Because Small Pet Select is a family-owned business, they are highly dedicated to their jobs and strive to provide only the best quality ingredients and products to their customers. They produce a little less than five hundred packages of pellets in a month, guaranteeing the finest and freshest products to their clients. Their dedication, sincerity, and integrity have led them to be the best choice of local veterinarians and rabbit owners across the US.

The rabbit food is timothy based, meaning that it has a lot of fiber in it, has fewer calories, and low levels of calcium—precisely what is needed in a rabbit’s diet.

You can buy the Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets on Amazon.

Pros of Small Pet Select rabbit food pellets:

  • They are high in fiber.
  • They have fewer calories.
  • They have low levels of calcium.
  • It has all the essential minerals and vitamins.
  • It is made and shipped in small batches to guarantee freshness.
  • This product is high-quality, fresh, and healthy.
  • A delicious treat for your pet bunny!

Cons of Small Pet Select rabbit food pellets

  • Nothing not to like about this product!

2. Science Selective Rabbit Food

Are you looking for a rabbit food formulation that gives your bunny a good dose of fiber and nutrients? This brand of rabbit food gives just that and much more!

Science Selective Rabbit Food is our second-best pick in the rabbit food department. This product has fiber for good digestion, minerals and vitamins for overall health and wellness, and omega fatty acids for brain development and luscious fur.

Moreover, this product has added probiotics that promote healthy bacteria in your bunny’s gut.

Another great thing we love about this product is that it avoids any added sugar. Sugar can cause obesity and dental issues in your bunny, and preventing it altogether is the best way to go about feeding your rabbit.

You can get Science Selective Rabbit Food on Amazon.

Pros of Science Selective Rabbit Food:

  • It gives your bunny a balanced diet filled with nutrients, omega fatty acids, and fiber.
  • It promotes vitality and health.
  • It does not have added sugar and prevents obesity and dental issues.
  • Has good taste that your little bunny will love!

Cons of Science Selective Rabbit Food:

  • Not suitable for rabbits that have wheat allergies.

3. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Adult Rabbits

At number three, we have the Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for adult rabbits. This is a complete food for your rabbit as it provides all the necessary nutrition for an adult rabbit. This meal will provide your rabbit with the optimal nutrition to maintain its health and wellbeing.

This specially-formulated product consists of timothy hay for lots of fiber, necessary for the body’s normal functioning. Moreover, the fruit amp formula provides minerals, vitamins, and fats for nutrition. Because of the fruit amp formula, your rabbit will receive lots of antioxidants, which will help them in maintaining a strong immune system.

You can get this product at Amazon.

Pros of Wild Harvest advanced nutrition diet for adult rabbits.

  • It is an advanced formulation for adult rabbits.
  • It provides complete nutrition in terms of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
  • It is packed with fiber for maintaining your bunny’s healthy digestive tract.
  • It is full of antioxidants to boost immunity.

Cons of Wild harvest advanced nutrition diet for adult rabbits

  • We couldn’t find any cons!


This article described what you need to look for while buying pellets for your rabbit, and enlisted the top 3 rabbit foods available in the market.

As you’re looking at the ingredients list in the rabbit food, make sure that it has around 20-15% of fiber to keep your bunny’s digestive tract healthy, about 12-14% protein for optimal growth, about 1% of fat, and 1% of calcium. For rabbits that have kidney, bladder, or mud issues, keep the calcium content as low as 0.5%.

As for our top three favorites in rabbit food, we presented three amazing products you can try today.

On number one was the Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets, giving a good amount of fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, while keeping calcium levels low.

On number two was Science Selective Rabbit Food, known for its freshness, great taste, and omega fatty acids.

And on number three was Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Adult Rabbits, a complete diet for adult rabbits, giving a mix of fiber, minerals and vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants.

We hope this article proved to be helpful for you and assists you the next time you’re out to get rabbit food!

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