Best Cat Litter Boxes: Review

A Duo Like No Other—Keep Your Kitty And Home Clean With These Best Cat Litter Boxes In The Market

A significant concern for most cat owners is the cat litter box that they have to clean every now and then. For most people, it’s quite overwhelming—the odor, the messes, the leaks, the frequent scooping, etc. are definitely the downsides of keeping a pet.

However, we are here to get rid of the trouble once and for all! We have found a few of the best cat litter boxes in the market that would maintain cleanliness in your home, prevent odor, and scoop automatically. So, keep scrolling and find out!

1.       PetSafe Cat Litter—Self-Cleaning, Crystal Litter Box


Our first pick in cat litters is this one by PetSafe. We love this product because it is self-cleaning, allowing you to not be in touch with smelly waste whatsoever!

The cat litter is covered with odor-controlling crystals that absorb urine as well as dehydrate solid waste to remove the odor. Moreover, the trap is covered, and it locks the solid waste that you can dispose of in a week or so.

The litter’s tray has a plastic lining that ensures protection against leakage. Moreover, the crystals in the tray won’t stick to your pet’s feet and protect from creating a mess.

The litter offers a convenient way of cleaning; simply get rid of the disposable tray!

Pros of the PetSafe Cat Litter

·         It has a disposable tray for easy cleaning

·         The tray is covered with odor-controlling crystals

·         The crystals are non-sticky and won’t create a mess

·         Solid waste is collected in a covered trap

·         Very convenient for cat owners

    Cons of the product

·         None at all!

You can easily purchase this product at Amazon.

2.       PetSafe Automatic Cleaning Cat Litter Box


We find this PetSafe litter box to be an ingenious product for cat owners. The litter automatically removes the waste, which means you don’t have to scoop, clean, or refill the box for weeks!

However, that’s not all! The litter box has motion sensors and a health counter that counts the number of times your cat has used the box. This feature allows you to track your fur baby’s health and make sure their digestive tract is healthy.

The tray in the litter box comes with odor-controlling crystals that absorb urine and dehydrates the solid waste. The crystals are also dust-free, which means that they won’t stick to your fur baby’s tiny paws. The disposable trays are leak-protectant, with a plastic lining to help keep leaks away.

The litter box comes with a hooded cover that keeps the litter inside and your surroundings clean.  

Pros of the PetSafe Automatic Cleaning Litter Box

·         It cleans automatically

·         Comes with disposable trays that have odor-controlling crystals

·         The litter box allows monitoring your cat’s health with motion sensors and health counter

·         The tray protects against leaks

·         Very easy to clean

Cons of the product

·         We couldn’t find any!

You can buy the PetSafe Automatic Cleaning Litter Box on Amazon.

3.       PetSafe Self-Cleaning Crystal Litter Box


Want to keep your kitty clean and happy but hate scooping the litter? We get you! Here is the ultimate product for you to dispose of your cat’s litter—the PetSafe Self-Cleaning Crystal Litter Box.

The litter box comes with crystal litter that offers five times more odor control than your traditional clumping litter. The crystal in the litter box absorbs all the urine as well as dehydrates the solid waste. The crystals are also dust-free and won’t mess up your floors.

The best part of this product is that it has safety sensors that ensure that the automatic scooping occurs when your kitty is out of the box. The tray also has a plastic lining that prevents leaks.

Cat owners won’t even have to worry about the smelly waste as the tray has a lid, which makes for easy disposal.

Pros of the product

·         The litter box is self-cleaning with automatic scooping of waste as your kitty goes out.

·         The tray has odor-controlling crystals

·         The crystals are dust-free and prevent messing your home

·         Trays are lined with plastic that prevents leaks

Cons of the product

·         No cons whatsoever!

You can get the PetSafe Self-Cleaning Crystal Litter Box at Amazon.

4.       PetSafe Hooded, Self-Cleaning Litter Box


This is another one of the PetSafe’s lines and relieves you of scooping your kitty’s litter. This litter box is ultra-self-cleaning, and a top-entry box that doesn’t require scooping for weeks on end!

The litter box is lined with crystal litter that is a super-absorbing, odor-controlling crystal that absorbs odor five times more than the conventional litter. This litter’s best feature is that it is dust-free and helps in keeping the floors clean. Moreover, the crystal litter is made up of non-stick material and won’t stick to your kitty’s paws.

The litter box has a hood for entry. This is a grated surface which helps in eliminating litter tracking. This also gives your kitty a private bathroom space! There are also sensors mounted on the litter box, which ensure that scooping occurs only when your fur baby is out of the box. The sensors also count the number of times your cat uses the box, which helps ensure whether your cat’s health is good or not.

Pros of the product

·         A top-entry litter box that eliminates litter tracking

·         Crystal litter that eliminates odor

·         Dust-free crystal litter

·         Automatic scooping

·         Sensors to ensure that scooping occurs only when kitty is out of the box

·         Helps in tracking the cat’s digestive cycle

·         The disposable tray has a plastic lining to prevent leaks

·         Your kitty will appreciate the secluded bathroom space!

Cons of the product

·         No cons!

Get this product easily at Amazon.

5.       PetSafe Litter Box With Hood


This litter box from PetSafe has an unbeatable odor-controlling mechanism with its crystal-lined trays. The crystal is super absorbing and dust-free, which provides minimum mess in your home.

 The disposable trays are lined with plastic, which prevents leaks, so you won’t have to worry about messes around your home.

The litter box allows for easy cleanup; simply remove the tray and dispose of it! You would also have a lid over each tray that would aid in disposing of.

The litter box is fitted with motion sensors to easily detect your cat’s digestive cycles and monitor its health.

Pros of the product

·         Automatic cleaning

·         Odor control mechanism

·         Less mess in the house

·         Easy cleanup

·         Monitor your fur baby’s health

Cons of the product

·         None at all!

You can get this product today from Amazon!


In this article, we presented you with the best cat litter boxes in the market. We hope this article has helped you show the best litter boxes with incredible features to help keep your house clean and your kitty happy. So, which one are you going to buy?

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